Diet and exercise worksheets:

covers 90 days/45 pages

8 1/2 x 11 notepad $9.95

track meals, carbs, protein, water intake, calories, exercise, fat intake (not shown)

The worksheets are the key to keep you on track so make sure to order these too!

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The High-Five Diet paperback book $14.95

The High-Five Diet Kindle $9.99

Just Desserts Cookbook

These recipes are all dairy-free and gluten-free, have no vegetable oil, or only a small amount of oil added for moisture. Instead of sugar, I use fruit, and/or small amounts of maple syrup, or natural honey.

Enjoy decadent fudge, creamy pudding, chocolate candy, chewy cookies, refreshing smoothies, lemon oat muffins, and coconut bars guilt-free. You can now satisfy your sweet tooth, and lose weight too.